Helmet Cam: Helicopter Hoist Rescue

contracosheriff – In a joint operation, the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff and the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District rescued an injured bicyclist on Sunday.

The East Bay Regional Park Police and State Parks Police found the injured bicyclist near Castle Rock in Mount Diablo state park. The bicyclist was in and out of consciousness, suffering from several injuries, and complaining of back pain. The location of the victim was several miles away from any maintained road accessible to ground medical transport vehicles.

The Sheriff’s Office STARR 1 helicopter was used for a long-line short haul extraction. The extraction involved a Fire Captain Paramedic, Sheriff’s Office Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) and a Contra Costa County Search and Rescue member.

The Fire Captain Paramedic and TFO were short-hauled to the location where they secured the victim to a stretcher. The victim was then taken to a waiting ambulance about three miles from the scene. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. As of Tuesday, he was still in the hospital with a head injury.

This was the first joint short-haul rescue by the Sheriff’s Office and CON Fire after months of on-going training

Also on Sunday STARR 1 was involved in two other incidents on Mount Diablo. In one case, STARR 1 located the victim and guided in State Parks personnel; in the other, STARR 1 landed and the TFO provided first aid to the victim until paramedics arrived.

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