Going Mobile

The California Emergency Medical Services Authority recently unveiled one of the state’s three new 200-bed, fully functional 23,000-square-foot mobile hospitals, the nation’s largest civilian medical response facility. Trained volunteer emergency responders are helping”žCalifornia prepare to quickly and effectively provide emergency services during a major medical disaster. A demonstration of disaster medical response teams was held Aug. 25 at the Los Alamitos (Calif.) Joint Forces Training Base.

Iowa“žEMS training takes to the highways

Also going mobile is the”žEMS”žLearning”žResources”žCenter of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics launched a new mobile simulation center in September. The”žMobile”žEmergency”žTreatment”žCenter is built in a 40-foot motor home to take”žEMS education to far-flung providers throughout the state, offering interactive training with manikins and other sophisticated equipment. “We bring EMS training to those who can_t come to us,” says the center’s director”žLee”žRidge. The motor home is also designed to function as a real standby medical facility during large-scale events.

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