Videx Cyberlock

The number of controlled access medications continues to increase, and for the past few years technology has assisted in monitoring who accesses them. The new Cyberlock from Videx is an electronic version of standard mechanical lock cores. Because Cyberlocks have no keyway, dirt and moisture canàŒt interfere with the operation of the lock. The heart of the system is the highly intelligent CyberKey, which canàŒt be duplicated. Each useràŒs key carries unique information: what locks the user may open and when theyàŒre allowed to open them. You can also program the key to have an activation and expiration date. Up to 3,900 access events can be stored in the memory of each key, with details on the locks that have been contacted and the date and time of the contact.àœ

Key power: 3V battery or rechargeable
Cost: Call for pricing

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