Underwater Kinetics Ultrabox 408

An ever-increasing amount of electronic technology is being carried onàœEMS units. One thing common to most of these small electronic items is they generally donàŒt work well when wet. The new Ultrabox 408 from Underwater Kinetics is just one of a series of padded, waterproof, impact-resistant containers that safely house small electronics, and serve as tool kits and anything else you can imagine. The optional mesh bag lid insert makes the Ultrabox 408 great to configure as a personal first-aid kit to keep in your gear bag, car, office or home. (Cellular phone shown for scale.)

Size: 9.11″ x 5.9″ x 4.25″
Colors: 4
Submersible depth: 30 ft.
Cost: $21.99à’$29.99 (depending on options)
858/513-9100 x244

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