Trench Rescue: Awareness, Operations and Technician, Second Edition

Trench cave-ins are some of the most challenging and dangerous calls. Every community has trench and excavation work going on and you, as the first responder, are at risk, especially if you donàŒt have knowledge of the hazards associated with trench-rescue operations.

Trench Rescue: Awareness, Operations and Technician, Second Edition is a must-have resource for trench-rescue responders. Written by a seasoned veteran rescuer for the rescue technician or any first responders, this book details trench rescue, from team philosophy to installing shores, in some of the most difficult-to-protect trenches. It thoroughly explores each aspect of trench rescue with top-notch photos and illustrations on almost every page, which makes the content easy to understand.

Each chapter starts with a case study and poses questions to engage you in the situation, and numerous àvoice of experienceà“ stories told by some of the most respected rescuers in the country.

A vital chapter for medical personnel, Chapter 13 highlights patient-care considerations and the unique concerns of reaching and treating a patient whoàŒs trapped in a trench. The following quote drives this point home: àThe removal of a partially buried patient will likely take some time, and patient care typically starts before victim removal and continues during packaging; therefore, you should always make certain you have the right people with the right medical skills as part of any trench response.à“

Other features include a back-of-the-book index that outlines each lecture with PowerPoint images. A total learning system, the book includes a DVD, a field guide, and an instructoràŒs tool kit and test prep.

Highly recommended for any rescuer, Trench Rescue is a total-learning package that sets a high standard for educational material.

Tom Pendley is a battalion chief, withàœPeoria (Ariz.) Fire Department and a member of its technical rescue team. He teaches technical rescue for the Phoenix Fire Department and is a technical rescue instructor for the Arizona State Fire MarshalàŒs office.

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