T3 Motion Personal Mobility Vehicle

With gasoline and diesel fuel costs at record highs, many EMS managers have been looking for fuel-efficient ways to deliver services. The Personal Mobility Vehicle from T3 Motion is an electric, three-wheeled response vehicle thatàŒs well suited for special-event operations. The field-swappable power modules allow for an unlimited cruising range at user-selectable speeds of 5, 8, 10, 12 or 25 (maximum) mph. One of the major benefits of using the T3 in large crowds is enhanced visibility from the 9″ raised platform. LED lighting is used for the headlights, brake lights, running lights and emergency lights. For more on this unique EMS transportation device, see àEMS Chariots,à“ January 2008 JEMS.

Weight: 300 lbs.àœ
Colors: 6àœ

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