Silvertowne Mint EMS Coins

Custom collectoràŒs coins have a military origin and tradition that represents esprit de corpsà›pride in your unit and support for those who served. The Silvertowne Mint is now producing EMS Coins that can be used as a fund_raiser, given to staff and supporters, or used as àchallenge moneyà“ for off-duty àbeverageà“ games. (If you canàŒt àshow your coin,à“ you buy the challenger a refreshing drink.) EMS designs include the Star of Life, the EMS Prayer, state seals, the Search and Rescue logo, the U.S. flag, years of service, retirement and the caduceus.

Sizes: 1àœ1/2″, 1àœ3/4″, 1àœ7/8″
Colors: Gold, silver, bronze, copper & nickel
Edge designs: 3
Cost: Variesàœ
800/788-7481 x247


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