R∏sch EasyTube

With more EMS systems adding RSI to their list of procedures, the need for a “rescue” airway is becoming commonplace. The feature-packedàœR∏sch EasyTubeàœmay be all you need. As with most of the rescue airways on the market, the EasyTube is a blind-insertion device with a distal cuff to seal the trachea or esophagus and a large posterior pharynx cuff to seal the mouth. A 90-degree adaptor on the secondary ventilation port reminds you which one you should check first. The EasyTube is also latex free and comes with an extra-long suction catheter. Read more about this innovative tool atàœjems.com/extras.àœ

Sizes: Adult (41F) & pediatric (28F)
Suction catheter: 16 Fr
Syringes: 12 cc, 100 cc
Cost: $59


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