Physio-Control LUCAS Chest Compression System

Push hard, push fast and change chest compressors every two minutes. The mantra of 30:2 CPR has changed howàœEMS operates on the scene of a cardiac arrest. TheàœLUCAS Chest Compression System fromàœPhysio-Control makes it possible to deliver consistent, high-quality chest compressions without interruption or fatigue. With training and practice, the LUCAS System can be placed on the patient in 20 seconds. You simply slide the backboard under the patient, click the piston supports into position, set the piston on the patient’s chest and turn on the compressed air or oxygen. To keep the patient secure and out of harm’s way, you can secure their arms to the piston supports via attached fasteners.


Weight: 18.9 lbs. (w/ accessories and case)

Cost:àœ $14,495


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