Pelican 9450 Remote Area Light (RAL)

Having great scene lights and generators on the side of your ambulance doesn’t do much good when the complicated rescue happens so far off-road that the power cords can’t reach it. Now, in place of handheld flashlights that have limited run times and are difficult to hold, the handy Pelican 9450 Remote Area Light (RAL) offers a rechargeable LED scene light in a rugged case that runs for nine hours at its highest setting. Carried or rolled to the scene in a rugged Pelican case, the RAL has a telescoping pole that can be extended to 83″. Sixteen 1-watt LEDs provide 1,280 lumens of light, arranged in an aluminum housing with a diffuser that can be switched from spotlight to floodlight in an instant.


Size: 19.75″ x 11″ x 7.6″

Weight: 864 oz.

Run Time: 9 hrs. peak; 17 hrs. total

Cost: $799.95


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