Ohio Medical Integrated Flowmeter

You love these calls. The critically ill CHF patient meets you on the curb. The high-flow non-rebreather oxygen is making an immediate improvement as you place the ECG and obtain the 12-lead. You can see that your patient is really working hard to breathe, so you decide to set up the CPAP. Now, where did they place the new high-pressure oxygen outlet in this ambulance … With the Integrated Flowmeter, look no further than the oxygen outlet youàŒre already using. Ohio Medical combined the low-pressure dial flowmeter and a high-pressure medical gas port into one outlet that keeps all of these critical connections in reach.

High-pressure port: 50 psi
Flow rate: 0à’25 lpm
Gas: Oxygen or air
Cost: $198 (oxygen), $210 (air)


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