Nutech FlashLiteWatch

Every EMS worker should wear a watch with a sweep-second hand and carry some sort of light at all times while on duty. The newàœFlashLiteWatch fromàœNutech incorporates a high-quality LED flashlight and dial light system into a wristwatch, making it a perfect tool for emergency personnel who work in dark environments. Now when you need to find the keys you just dropped or navigate a dark stairwell, you donàŒt have to run out to your vehicle to fetch a flashlight. It can also be used to check a patientàŒs pupillary reaction. But this flashlight, activated by a separate button, wonàŒt drain the battery life, because itàŒs timed to go off automatically after seven seconds. The inexpensive FlashLiteWatch has separate, user-replaceable batteries for the watch and light function.

Colors: Black, silveràœ
Price: $40

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