Microflex Cuff First

Almost everyone inàœEMS carries at least one pair of latex or non-latex gloves on their person while on duty. Once you have “that call” and get caught without a spare when you need to re-glove before getting back to the ambulance, you learn to carry at least two pairs. The newàœCuff First glove-dispensing unit fromàœMicroflex allows you to have 10 or 20 gloves close at hand, ready to use or share. Packaged with either 10 Supreno EC (extended cuff) Nitrile gloves or 20 Supreno SE (standard exam) gloves, the Cuff First system has a plastic clip and a nylon holster that you can use to secure the gloves to your belt, vehicle visor, first-in bag or anywhere else you may need them.

Gloves: 10 or 20
Material: Nitrile
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Cost: $1.30 (10 pack); $2.25 (20 pack)

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