MedIcePax Hot/Cold Hook Pack

Sports injury. OK, I remember how to treat this: R.I.C.E. Rest à· check.àœIce à· check. Compression à· check. Elevation à· check. Oh no! The ice wonàŒt stay in place on the elastic bandage! Now thereàŒs an easyàœsolution. TheàœHot/Cold Hook Pack fromàœMedIcePax features a non-woven pouch with Velcro∆ hook strips on the ends that will keep it in place without a bulky over-wrap. Each pack includes two hot/coldàœflexible packs, one Velcro∆ non-woven pouch (do not microwave this), and a high-quality zip-top bag in case thereàŒs real ice handy.

Sizes: Small, large, long
Cost: $13.60à’$20.23 eachàœ
(volume discounts)

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