Joint Commission Recognizes En-Gauge Technology

ROCKLAND, Mass. — en-Gauge, Inc., ( maker of en-Gauge monitoring systems for fire extinguishers and building safety devices, recently announced that The Joint Commission, an independent, non-profit organization that accredits Health Care organizations and programs who exemplify the highest standard of proven best practices, has recognized that its technology to electronically monitor fire extinguishers, is an equivalent means for meeting the requirement for monthly physical inspections of fire extinguishers.

In 2009, the Joint Commission conducted a survey investigating the challenges healthcare centers face in maintaining compliance with the Joint Commission’s Ambulatory Care Standards. The number one challenge indicated in maintaining the environment of care was fire safety equipment maintenance. The Joint Commission Compliance Code EC.02.03.05 EP 15 requires the monthly physical maintenance and inspection of fire equipment to maintain accreditation with the organization. Joint Commission wrote that though the annual physical maintenance of extinguishers is still required as stated in code EC.02.03.05 EP 18, the en-Gauge technology appears to exceed the requirements of EC.02.03.05 EP 15 for monthly maintenance.

John McSheffrey, President of en-Gauge said, “We’re thrilled the Joint Commission recognizes the technology. We hear of instances of where fire extinguishers in healthcare facilities are not inspected and are frequently blocked by carts and equipment — in the event of an emergency, that could be disastrous.” McSheffrey added, “en-Gauge’s 24/7 real-time monitoring provides peace of mind that one’s fire extinguishers are where they should be, and are pressurized and accessible.”

The en-Gauge System is a wireless sensor monitoring platform enabling building owners with early warning of emergency equipment use while delivering 24/7 equipment supervision. The system includes sensors, wireless sensor backbone components, supervisory software and can be integrated with real-time-location technology as well as integrated into all major security and building monitoring systems. en-Gauge software allows the user access reports demonstrating code compliance such as the age, in-service date, manufacturer and incident history for each extinguisher.

Implementation and use of the en-Gauge fire safety system has the potential to reduce the total cost of ownership by as much as 60 percent over the lifetime of the extinguisher — an average of 12 years. In addition, the proprietary software can track the age, in-service date, manufacturer and complete incident history including usage and inspections of each and every fire extinguisher therefore users have easily accessible reports to demonstrate compliance with code enforcement bodies.

Electronically monitored fire extinguisher technology is fully recognized by the 2007 editions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes NFPA-10 and NFPA-72, and the 2006 International Fire Code as an alternative to the requirement for monthly physical inspections of fire extinguishers. En-Gauge is also listed with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

About en-Gauge
en-Gauge, Inc. is a safety technology company offering innovative solutions for building safety monitoring. Developed by pioneers in the fire safety business, the en-Gauge system is the first and only monitoring system that remotely protects installed fire extinguishers from theft, vandalism or malfunction. en-Gauge has deployed its patented monitoring system in airports, college campuses, hotels and businesses throughout the country. Headquartered in Rockland, MA, en-Gauge spun off in 2008 from MIJA, one of the World’s leading manufacturers of safety gauges. 1-888-364-2843.

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