IntuBrite Larygoscope Blade

The IntuBrite Laryngoscope Blade is a patented design utilizing a unique blacklight illumination source (in addition to a white, LED illuminator) to enhance visualization of the vocal cords during prehospital and in-hospital endotracheal intubation procedures. The blacklight technology causes the vocal cords to brightly phosphoresce during placement of the tube, thereby dramatically improving the efficacy of insertion and supporting better patient outcomes. The IntuBrite HyperVisualization System includes the specialized disposable blade in seven sizes and styles, phosphorescing stylet guide, ergonomic perfect-position custom handle, long-life Custom PowerCell, focused-tip McGill Forceps and light-collecting optical protection options. Although you_ll love the new style of handle and stylet, if you just want to try the disposable blades, you can because they_ll work with standard handles as well.
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