Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007

EMTs and paramedics have been carrying pocket guides for years, but with the addition of NIMS and Homeland Security guidelines, and there are now more guides than pockets. Now you can access all of this timely data from your PC, laptop or MDC using theàœInformed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007. Do you have an evidence question about the DOA call that looks like a homicide, but the police are still 20 minutes out? Has a major disaster hit, and you’re having trouble remembering the lingo from NIMS 100? You can answer these questions via the innovative àtap browser,à“ which provides instant touch-screen access, with customizable interface and user-programmable buttons to quickly search content. The subscription runs for one year, and includes support and regular updates.


Guides: NIMS, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire

System requirements: Windows.NET, Windows XP oràœVista

Software: Adobe Reader 8.0 or newer

Cost: $60/year per computer


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