Hands On September 2014

Packaging Rescue System 

When the product designers at Yates Gear Inc. designed the 900 Yates Spec Pak, they thought of just about everything needed to create a successful rescue device: it’s functional, easy to use and can extricate, move and package those in need of rescue. This device combines the backboard immobilization abilities of a short board and features a full body harness. Heavy-duty grip handles (one at the head, two at the shoulders and two at the side) allow for smooth handling and movement of your patient. A polyethylene board runs down the back, allowing it to slide easily across any surface without getting caught. The padded, color-coded shoulder straps cross the patient’s chest, and padded leg straps combine to secure the patient in place. The built-in head block slides up and down to ensure a proper fit. An adjustable cervical collar is also included with the Pak, and patient lifting is easy with included chest D rings and a lifting bridle.

900 Yates Spec Pak


Weight: 15 lbs.

Price: $1,400.00




Functionality and Comfort 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a duty boot that had the comfort, cushion and sole of a running shoe? Now you can. The Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip boot from HAIX North America combines a microfiber upper with a non-marking, no-slip rubber running sole that’s oil and gasoline resistant. Breathable inner lining along with cushioned, moisture-wicking, antibacterial inserts keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. A strong, spring-like material provides supination support in the front of the inner sole, and a harder material in the heel prevents inward arch collapse. The boot also features a waterproof membrane, making it ideal for use in wet or dry conditions.

Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip boot from HAIX


Color: Black

Price: $159.00




Organization for Pediatric Patient Care 

Fortunately, pediatric cardiac arrest is a small part of our job in EMS. However, when it does happen, it’s imperative your crew is organized. You don’t want to be searching for equipment, guessing at sizes or rummaging through jump bags and compartments. The Pedi-PRO Professional Resuscitation Organizer from Code Kit PRO is the child-size version of the JEMS 2014 Hot Products winner Infant-PRO. When unrolled, the Pedi-PRO becomes a platform that provides hard CPR spine support for your patient. Around the head are four airway tool bins that you can customize with the supplies needed to manage your patient’s airway. There are also eight tube sleeves for easy storage of airway tubes. The sides of the board contain 12 support boxes that allow for storage and organization of items such as IV supplies or drugs. Even more storage can be found at the bottom portion of the Pedi-PRO with a full-width storage area and four mesh bags.

Pedi-PRO Professional Resuscitation Organizer from Code Kit PRO


Length when unrolled: 52″

Price: $389.00




As Real As It Gets 

I’ve always believed the more realistic we can make our training, the more our students will get out of it. The EMS/Nursing/Trauma Moulage Kit from Moulage Concepts gives you the ability to create medical trauma effects that are Hollywood quality. The kit goes above and beyond the basic cyanosis, bruises, broken bones and contusions. With supplies and products to create more than 250 types of wounds and the book Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive, you’ll learn to create three-dimensional wounds that can be sutured and debrided and blisters that can rupture. With over 300 recipes and scenarios, your participant will be able to feel, see, hear and smell wounds as if the scene was real.

EMS/Nursing/Trauma Moulage Kit


Price: $1,479.00




Online Training System 

As an EMS professional, you need to be prepared for any situation. Proper training is a key factor to emergency preparedness, and the CentreLearn Training System helps you stay current with more than 300 LearnEMS and Learn-FIRE courses accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for EMS and compliant with the National Fire Protection Association. The training system helps your department’s training manager keep track of all staff training and credentials. Featuring superior technology, unlimited access to an extensive accredited course catalog, an easy-to-use course builder for developing and delivering custom content, instructor-led and self-paced activity tracking, document sharing, 1-click reports, virtual meetings and unlimited customer support to ensure success and self-sufficiency.

CentreLearn Training System


Price: Call for pricing




Hands-Free Light 

Treating a patient in a dark environment is a challenge, especially if you or a partner has to hold a flashlight, which ties up your hands and interferes with patient care. The INOVA STS Headlamp from Nite Ize is a hands-free, waterproof headlamp. It features a new swipe-to-shine interface that allows you to switch between five light modes (high, variable dim, medium, strobe and lockout) with the swipe of your finger. A white, high-power LED and two red LEDs are housed together, and can be adjusted to multiple angles for precise illumination. This lightweight, durable light has an adjustable woven head strap that fits diameters 6.5″—16″, and is available with blue, orange or charcoal accents.

INOVA STS Headlamp from Nite Ize


Weight: 3.4 oz.

Colors: Blue, charcoal or orange

Batteries: Requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries

Price: $34.99




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