Hands On Product Reviews November 2016

Breathe Easy

One of the issues encountered during a fire or explosion is the need to treat hundreds of patients wheezing from smoke inhalation. EMS providers carry the medications needed but the difficulty comes in simultaneously administering dozens of nebulized aerosol treatments. The AeroChamber from Monaghan Medical is an anti-static, valved holding chamber for use with metered dose inhalers (MDI). The AeroChamber allows your patient to inhale the required dose from the MDI in the best manner. During an MCI you can deploy dozens of AeroChambers and have one MDI be used on several patients without cross-contamination. The AeroChamber is available with optional small, medium or large size silicone masks, for infants, children and adults, and an optional Flow-Vu feature that lets you monitor the patient’s inspiratory phase to ensure the dose is administered properly.

AeroChamber from Monaghan Medical

Mask sizes: Small, medium, large
Price: Call for price

Options for Escape

Standard on every ambulance, stair chairs are used to bring patients down from 2nd, 3rd and higher floors. But what do you do if you have to evacuate multiple patients from higher floors and the elevator is out of service? The Evacu-Trac from Garaventa is an evacuation chair designed to be prepositioned at hospitals, hotels and other high-rise locations. You can also stage Evacu-Trac chairs on your MCI vehicle to provide multiple options for high-rise rescue without the need to strip all of the stair chairs from the first several ambulances. Operation of the Evacu-Trac is just a few steps of unfolding the chair, transferring the patient, and securing them with the attached straps at the chest, waist and lower legs. The operator then moves the patient to the top of the stairs and, while holding the brake release, easily lowers the chair down the stairs on the rubber treads.

Evacu-Trac from Garaventa

Weight: 46 lbs.
Capacity: 300 lbs.
Price: Call for price

Large-Area Lighting

When your mass casualty incident occurs at night or operations extend beyond sunset, you need to light the scene to ensure safe working conditions. Flashlights and vehicle-mounted lights are great for compact scenes, but when you have a wide area to cover you need a light that can reach the sky. The Luminite is a bright, inflatable tower of light that tops out at a height of 7 feet or 15 feet. The 875-watt Metal-Halide bulb is powered by a standard 120 volt cord which can connect to household power or a small generator as it only draws 8.5 amps. It takes only three minutes to bring the 95,000 lumens to full intensity. A system of stakes and guy lines enables the light to remain stable in winds as high as 43 mph.

The Luminite

Weight: 75 lbs.
Dimensions (case): 24″ x 17″ x 24″
Lumens: 95,000Power: 8.5 amps
Price: $3,995.00

Keep ‘Em Warm

Hypothermia and trauma don’t mix. The basic principle that you learned for your first aid merit badge-to keep a shock patient warm-continues to hold true. The issue with hypothermia at MCIs is how to keep dozens of people warm when the scene time will be extended compared to regular EMS operations. The Seattle Fire Department selected the Mediwrap High Protection Blanket as their MCI warming blanket of choice. Given the stereotypical rainy Seattle weather pattern, it’s a selection worthy of merit. The blanket is thermally retentive and works on four levels to prevent hypothermia. The inner layer is insulating to retain heat and keep out cold. A middle convective layer provides additional insulation while an absorbent, evaporative layer helps to quickly warm a wet patient. Lastly, a reflective layer helps keep the 98.6 degrees F the body’s metabolism is trying to generate.

Mediwrap High Protection Blanket

Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: 200 x 120 cm (open),
27 x 15 x 4 cm (packed)
Price: Call for price

Keep ‘Em Movin’

Safely moving patients on backboards across any moderate distance requires a minimum of four people, and it’s a fatiguing task that you can’t do for very long. The Sked RAS (Rapid Access System) from Skedco is a rapidly deployable pack of four HazMat Hospital (HMH) Skeds designed for rapid evacuation of multiple patients in a dynamic mass casualty or mass evacuation incident. To access the individual Skeds, you simply pull the looped cord attached to the two large zippers and release the Velcro attachment at the top of the bag. The flexible, medium-density polyethylene plastic doesn’t absorb chemicals or body fluids, making it easy to decontaminate. There are four cut-out handles to ensure a safe, secure lift. The drag handle at the head end allows one or two rescuers to transport a patient over uneven terrain and even down steps.

Sked RAS (Rapid Access System) from Skedco

Weight: 56 lbs.
Dimensions: 40″ x 5″ x 95″
Price: $1,600.00

Light ‘Em Up

Establishing a safe working zone around the MCI vehicle is essential for night time operations. Getting this light operational and elevated quickly will make it easier for victims and providers to see and will establish the vehicle as a focal point for a potential triage and treatment area. How much light and how high to place it are two variables that can be easily address with the Will-Burt Night Scan Vertical Light Tower. With a maximum height of 30 feet and a maximum output of 210,000 lumens, it will quickly seem as if the football stadium just arrived on scene. Remotely operated, you can set the height, direction and angle of the lights. The telescoping mast can also be fitted with a strobe for command post identification and a video camera for an elevated viewing platform.

Will-Burt Night Scan Vertical Light Tower

Height: 5.4-30 ft.
Lighting type: LED or halogen
Maximum lumens: 210,000
Price: Call for price

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