Hands On Product Reviews June 2017

Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

Durable, long-lasting foot protection often comes at the expense of your feet, resulting in aches and pains after a long shift. The new Clash Waterproof Insulated Boot from Blauer comfortably stands up not only to the rigors of EMS, but also to the harshest winter. The Clash Boot is made of fully waterproofed leather, suede and nylon with a breathable waterproof insulation that keeps your feet dry and offers protection from below freezing temperatures. The unique hybrid traction outsole offers no-slip grip on all terrains, and the snowboard boot-style BOA stainless steel cable lacing system makes it easy to get these lightweight boots on and off quickly.

Sizes: Men’s 7-15 (regular & wide)
Color: Black
Height: 8″
Price: $179.99

A New Dimension on the Multi-Tool

Everyday carry (EDC)-it’s a buzzword, a category on Pinterest and part of our job in EMS. There are certain things we keep on our person every day and every shift. Some EDC items like exam gloves, trauma shears, pens and pen lights are standard fare. Additional EDC items for EMS often include a folding pocket knife, notepad, medication pocket guide, oxygen wrench and a multi-tool. The new LED 140 Multi-Tool from Coast provides 15 tools, including a small LED light, which can be used to check pupils or provide enough light to see the way in case of a power failure. Other tools include: spring-loaded pliers with wire cutter, 1.75″ blade, scissors, saw blade, Phillips (1) and flathead (3) screwdriver tips, bottle opener, awl, file blade with wire stripper, and a can opener. A molded nylon belt sheath holds the LED 140 securely on your belt.

Blade length: 1.75″
Length closed: 3.85″
Weight: 10.1 oz.
Price: $38.00

A Pocketful of Essentials

Police officers are often the first responders on scene, especially for violent incidents like assaults, shootings and stabbings. What do your police officers carry for basic first aid and self-care? In some areas, police officers are now carrying tourniquets on their person. This is fantastic for major bleeding, but what if the wound isn’t that severe? The Pocket Trauma Pack from LA Police Gear is a compact pack with the essentials for most injuries seen in the field. The pack includes: nitrile gloves, biohazard baggie, nonsterile conforming gauze, sterile gauze (4″ x 4″ and 2″ x 2″), trauma pad (5″ x 9″), triangular bandage, small roll of duct tape (2″ x 26″), benzalkonium chorlide wipes, as well as trauma instructions in a resealable bag.

Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 1.5″
Price: $9.99

Management Software Solution

In the not-too-distant past, EMS schedules were maintained on paper, and certification files and quality improvement tracking were stored in file drawers. Ninth Brain Software offers a comprehensive solution to these various management needs. It features a learning management system that lets you create custom courses and online exams, assign training, and upload video recorded sessions to streamline education. The workforce scheduling component lets you create and auto-generate shifts from shift patterns and templates. The quality improvement tracker allows you to monitor quality indicators and keep everyone in the loop on incident investigations. You can also manage certifications, human resources records, employee health records and build custom forms and checklists.

Platform: Could-based
Price: Call for pricing

Versatile Helmet & Angle Light

Having a good light mounted on your helmet makes it easier to see and be seen on emergency calls. But we don’t always wear helmets on scene, and a 90°-angled flashlight is good to wear on your gear but won’t work on your helmet. The new Vantage 180 from Streamlight mounts securely to your helmet and can be quickly removed and the head rotated for attachment to your gear. This little light is loaded with other features as well. The main beam output can be switched from 250 to 100 lumens. In helmet mode, the familiar blue taillight makes your moves visible to your team. Rotating the head 90° changes the taillight to a bright white beam aimed down for improved downward visibility.

Length: 5.2″
Weight: 5.5 oz.
Colors: Orange, black
Power: 2 CR123 batteries
Lumens: 250, 100
Runtime: 4-12 hours
Price: $64.98

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