Graham Medical MegaMover Transport Chair

Moving a patient down stairs and through narrow hallways makes for some interesting challenges, which are compounded when the patient is large or needs to be moved quickly. TheàœMegaMover Transport Chair fromàœGraham Medical is made of strong, non-woven material and is designed to support patients up to 350 lbs. Its eight handles allow for ergonomically safe lifting. Easily stored in a kit or an oxygen duffle, the transport chair can be rapidly deployed in circumstances in which an emergent move wouldnàŒt be anticipated. Economically priced for single use, a disposable chair eliminates cleaning and cross-contamination concerns.àœ

Size: 35″ x 35″
Handles: 8àœ
Weight limit: 350 lbs.
Cost: $17.49 ea.àœ

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