Fighting for Life: A Film by Terry Sanders

As EMS personnel, our job is to help preserve life, to make a difference for our patients during their darkest hour. We all have our own war stories to tell, but some come straight from the front lines.àœ

Terry Sanders’ film, “Fighting for Life,” tells those war stories through the eyes of the patients and families who live them, as well as the allied health professionals that we serve alongside. It allows us to glimpse what happens once we’ve handed our patients off to a higher level of care and how the prehospital care we give influences our patients’ outcomes.

The film takes us on a journey from the classroom to the field with the students of the Uniformed Services University School of Military Medicine, helping us EMS providers remember the things we imagined awaited us in the field, as well as our reactions to our first real experiences.

“Fighting for Life” also follows the experiences of Crystal Davis, an army specialist involved in the Iraq war. Through her story, viewers get a glimpse into the other side of the call: the patient’s side. As medics, we sometimes forget that our patients are people, especially when critical interventions call for our immediate attention. Davis’ story helps us remember that we’re working on a patient; we’re working on someone’s son or daughter, and regardless of who we’re treating, we should do our best. Her story reinforces the value of human life and why we do what we do each and every day.

For those looking for some of the most honest, compelling war stories ever gathered, “Fighting for Life” will fit the bill. You won’t be disappointed.

Julia Rakowski,EMT, is a full-time EMR coordinator and instructor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When notàœin the classroom, she works with non-profit volunteer organizations, providing first aid for numerous local events.

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