Federal Signal Rumbler

When you’re driving an emergency vehicle, you know civilians on the road can’t see the lights or hear the siren — or at least that’s how they act. With theàœRumbler fromàœFederal Signal, drivers can now feel your approach. In addition to the primary siren amplifier and speaker, the Rumbler adds a secondary amplifier, timer and a pair of woofers. This enables it to sense the siren-tone signal, reduce the signal frequency by 75%, and amplify the sound through the high-output woofers. The system’s timer allows the tone to sound for 10 seconds and then automatically shut off. The result is a highly effective backup emergency tone, especially handy when transitioning hazardous traffic intersections. It’s also particularly useful in dense urban environments, with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Dimensions:àœàœ Amp, 1.3″ H x 6.3″ L x 5.7″ D; 1.4″ H x 6.5″ L x 2.9″ D; Pair of woofers, 8.5″H x 7.25″Dàœàœàœàœàœàœàœ àœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœàœ (each)

Input Voltage: 9-15V DC

OperatingàœTemperatureàœRange: -30_C à’ 65_C

Cost: $685



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