Disaster Management Systems Firefighter Rehab Tag

How does your department address accountability during firefighter rehab? Do youàœrely on the honor system? Do you log firefighters in and out, or are you the one who just knows everyone who shows up at an incident? TheàœFirefighter Rehab Tag àœDisaster Management Systems documents each of the nine NFPA 1584 recommendations that support effective rehabilitation. Filled with reminders of heat and coldàœ
exposure symptoms, the tag also has space to document demographics, times, PPE level, vital signs and weather data. A chart on the back of the tag allows the useràœto calculate the Borg RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion), which correlates heart rateàœto exertion level.

Size: 4″ x 10.75″
Cost: $59/pack of 50; $1,180/case of 1,000

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