The first time I saw a pen used to directly save a life was on M*A*S*H. TheàœCPR Pen is not a pocket tracheotomy kit, but it’s a unique and innovative way to keep a face shield on hand in the event that you need to perform mouth-to-mouth ventilations. I know EMS providers who keep BVMs in their cars, pocket masks in their jump kits and a barrier device on their key chains. You now have the ability to keep a barrier device inside a pen and have one on your person in almost any situation. To deploy the face shield, you simply unscrew the pen, tear open the package at the notch, and unroll the face shield. Simple graphics show where to place the device before ventilating.àœ


Cost: $3.99àœ

Length: 6″àœ

Weight: 1 oz.àœ



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