àŽBrilliantàŒ Clipboard

Whether youàŒre keeping notes at a nighttime MCI or just obtaining the signature on a 3 a.m. refusal form, lighting your clipboard can be an irritating challenge. ItàŒs a pain trying to balance the light in the crook of your neck or lean in front of headlights to find just enough light to read and write. The new RediMate with Light by Saunders contains a retractable light that casts a green beam that allows you to read and write without ruining your vision. The light turns on automatically as you pull it out from the clipboard and turns off as you push it back in.àœ

Capacity: 1″ of paperàœ
Power: 3 àAAAà“ batteriesàœ
Cost: $47.50


Fran Hildwine , BS, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, coordinates the monthly Hands On column inàœJEMS. HeàŒs the administrative director of the Paramedic Training Institute at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, Pa., and an adjunct faculty member at Delaware County Community College with more than 19 yearsàŒ EMS experience. Contact him atfran100b@zoominternet.net.

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