AdvanceClaim Simplifies EMS Billing

AUSTIN, Texas — AdvanceClaim has unveiled a Web-based solution designed to save time and money for EMS providers and other first responders through its “one-stop-shop” approach to the patient claims and billing process.

The AdvanceClaim Internet portal provides EMS departments a cost-effective means to access an integrated processing system that contains all the tools and information necessary to manage the complete patient cycle, from emergency response to claims reimbursement.

No longer is it necessary for municipal fire departments and EMS units or privately owned first-responder companies to access the Web sites of multiple stakeholders in a patient’s care, eligibility, billing and claims reimbursement, said John Dadey, AdvanceClaim president and co-founder.

“The AdvanceClaim application puts everything that an EMS organization could need during the course of a billing and claims cycle at its fingertips. One service gives them the ability to check eligibility and update medical insurance claim status for each patient, as well as monitor billing transactions and processing,” Dadey said. “This integrated patient data clearinghouse is enhanced by the fact that AdvanceClaim provides all the applications needed to process and manage patient data, billing and claims history. This is total integration. What we’ve done is brought this all into one place on a Web-based platform. We’re really streamlining the billing process and providing tremendous value for AdvanceClaim users.”

The AdvanceClaim user interface provides all relevant patient information, including eligibility and claims status, on one, easy-to-navigate page. Information can be accessed remotely across multiple platforms — PC or Mac, smart phone, iPad, etc. — in real time.

The capital outlay and operating costs commonly associated with other EMS billing approaches — multiple billing and eligibility contacts, hardware purchase and maintenance, and IT support — are virtually eliminated with AdvanceClaim. No individual user fees exist, as is the case when individual departments within an EMS organization tap into claims and benefits sites.

Missing, too, are hardware and personnel costs associated with server maintenance and upgrades. A software as a service, AdvanceClaim gives users 24/7/365 access that comes with full data center backup and multi-level redundancy.

AdvanceClaim was founded in November 2009 to provide “A Radically Better EMS Billing Solution” for EMS organizations and other first responders. John Dadey joined on the AdvanceClaim management team by Keith Gaddis, co-founder and chief technology officer, and Loren Parker, co-founder and chief operating officer.

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