Hot Products from EMS Today 2020

JEMS is proud to announce the selection of Hot Product at the EMS Today Conference & Exposition, held March 2-6, in Tampa, FL.

JEMS is proud to announce the selection of Hot Product at the EMS Today Conference & Exposition, held March 2-6, in Tampa, FL.

These products were selected after a panel of judges consisting of emergency medical services (EMS) product specialists, physicians, educators, administrators and paramedics reviewed a host of product contenders designed to not only improve the ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, but also allow EMS agencies to do it more innovatively, safely, efficiently and with enhanced comfort for patients.

Products were evaluated based on four distinct categories: 1) Originality; 2) Functionality; 3) Ease of use; and 4) Need in the EMS setting. Only 10 products were selected as Hot Products after the EMS Today Hot Products team reviewed and rated dozens of products submitted by a number of companies.

JEMS Executive Editor and EMS Today Education Director Mike McEvoy said: “The submissions this year included some truly innovative and out of the box products that will serve EMS providers and their patients well. Some of the Hot Products selected represent a new era in use of technology for EMS that will change the way care is delivered in the streets. Clearly, user input had significant impact on design and development, as it should.”

Medline Industries


At Medline, our first priority is helping improve patient care. That’s why we developed our new Critical Response Cleansing cloths, designed with a gentle formula for personal cleansing. Our cloths are a convenient way to clean the skin on the go. Slim packets are easy to store in a pocket for quick access to help protect staff from bodily fluids, soot and potential carcinogens from the skin. We offer a portable 1 count sachet (CR91101- $.20/pack) and a 3 wipe pack with thicker and larger cloths for bigger messes (CR91103- $1.00/pack). Medline is proud to offer a solution designed specifically for Fire and EMS.

ZOLL Medical Corporation


The ZOLL AED 3 BLS was designed with professional rescuers in mind. It guides rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR, and is one of the fastest AEDs in the industry, delivering a shock with only an 8 second pre-shock pause-two critical components to increasing chance of survival. The AED 3 BLS features ZOLL’s pediatric-specific algorithm that analyzes and delivers child-appropriate therapy. The AED 3 BLS’s Wi-Fi capability allows for immediate post case QA in ZOLL CaseReview.

Nasco Healthcare


Casualty Care Rescue Randy – powered by Strategic Operations Hyper- Realistic technology. This full-body manikin is uniquely designed for enhanced realistic training in treating the three most preventable causes of death: massive bleeding, tension pneumothorax and airway obstruction. Casualty Care Rescue Randy addresses training needs / curricula for TCCC — Tactical Combat Casualty Care for all service members, and TECC- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for all EMS/EMT/LEO professionals.

Configuration: Full body manikin with articulated joints, weight-distributed to mimic the human anatomy, holds 3-4 liters of blood, pumping system with regulator simulating human blood flow pressure (2-3 psi), manual foot operated pumping system allows three wounds to bleed simultaneously, optional electric, deluxe blood pumping system available to bleed four wounds simultaneously.

CompX Security Products


The NARC iD inventory control system uses RFID tags to provide complete chain of custody information on controlled substances, users, vehicles, and consumption. It allows for easy auto enrolling of the controlled substances and provides color coding for ease of identification. LockView windows based software allows for simple viewing of audit trails, consumption and inventory levels.

North American Rescue, LLC


The Quantum Blood and Fluid Warming System from LifeWarmer is a Game-Changing innovation that has succeeded in closing a critical capability gap previously left exposed by other commercial off-the-shelf fluid warmers currently fielded. Size, weight, performance and ease of use are no longer collective barriers to the delivery of whole blood in far forward and near point of injury (POI) prehospital casualty management.



With more than five years of app-based AED management experience, including thousands of user comments and suggestions, we’re thrilled to announce our next generation, 911-connected registry app – PulsePoint AED 2.0! Public safety agencies can use PulsePoint AED, in partnership with their community, to build and maintain a comprehensive AED registry for emergency use.

AEDs that are managed using PulsePoint AED are assessable to emergency dispatchers and disclosed to emergency responders, including nearby citizens trained in CPR and off-duty professionals such as firefighters, paramedics and nurses. Instead of asking the caller if there is an AED available, dispatch center staff can inform them of nearby lifesaving devices. PulsePoint AED also records and displays other lifesaving resources placed at AED locations including Bleeding Control Kits, Naloxone (e.g., Narcan®) and Epinephrine (e.g., EpiPen®).

Combat Medical


The Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway is an adjunct for securing an airway of a conscious or unconscious patient. This 28Fr nasopharyngeal airway features a smooth, pre-lubricated, beveled tip that can be safely and easily administered. It is made of soft, flexible, silicone material that is latex-free and does not crimp or lose shape, while prelubrication reduces steps otherwise necessary prior to insertion. The Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway is made in the USA, featuring an 8-year shelf life.



ResilientFirst helps individuals and organizations in emergency services improve their ability to manage and recover from day-to-day and acute stress, reducing the risk of depression, PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Developed by neuroscientists, this online, AI-driven, research-validated system has been shown to build users’ resilience through the completion of daily three- to five-minute “micro tasks.” This innovative, impactful, and cost-effective system strengthens teams’ creative problem-solving abilities and prepares them to cope with stressors before they occur. 

Rescue Essentials


STS-C is the ideal traction splint in cases where medical equipment must be packed into difficult or remote locations. Ideally suited for search and rescue, special operations, military medics, wildland firefighters, backcountry skiers or anyone trying to minimize pack weight and cube space.

Compact, lightweight, and designed to U.S. Military specifications, the new Rescue Essentials “STS-C” is a more compact version of the Slishman Traction Splint. And like the original STS, the STS-C generates a mechanical advantage using an internal pulley to apply precise femoral traction.

PerSys Medical


The Flexible Tip Bougie is a universal , disposable and articulating bougie for use with adult oral endotracheal tubes. Its one-handed operation makes it an ideal aid when establishing an airway. The tip of the device can easily be maneuvered by moving the thumb up and down the integrated slider tabs while inserting the fluorescent tip through the vocal chords.

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