Anderson County (SC) EMS Begins Operating Paramedic Quick Response Vehicles

The image shows the patch of Anderson County's Emergency Medical Services.
Image/Anderson County (SC)

Steve Kelly, director of the Anderson County Emergency Medical Services announced Anderson County (SC) has begun operating paramedic quick response vehicles (QRV) in specific areas of the county and within the City of Anderson.

These paramedic-staffed vehicles will supplement the current ambulance services within Anderson County and provide better response times for some of the rural areas in the county. The QRV’s will also allow for better utilization of paramedics to provide advanced life support services.


Each ambulance staffed in Anderson County must be staffed with EMTs. These EMTs can provide 95% of the medical care that a person may require, paramedics can provide the additional 5% that may be needed. The QRV’s will be dispatched by the Anderson County 911 Center with the appropriate ambulance to 911 request requiring advanced level care. 

The current Anderson County EMS System is provided by seven private ambulance services that operate under contractual agreement with Anderson County. Some of these providers have been struggling with personnel shortages and the inability to attract EMS personnel to the area.

The QRV concept is being utilized across the country in an effort to reduce the strain on emergency responders, by only sending the resources or personnel that is required to treat the patient.  QRV’s can also respond faster to life threatening emergencies, because the personnel are not tied up on transports to the hospitals.

Anderson County Council chose to venture into this aspect of providing emergency medical services to supplement the current providers and ensure that all citizens in the county have access to advanced medical care when it is needed, while reducing response times for true emergencies.

The QRV system will be a true representation of a private-public partnership with the county and the private ambulance services. 

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