VFIS Updates Driver Training Program to Include Psychomotor Learning

YORK, Pa. —  June 29, 2016 —VFIS is pleased to announce the release of our updated Emergency Vehicle Driver Training program (EVDT). In addition to many of the same “bones” as the original training, this new program offers hands-on and knowledge-based updates to teach both new and experienced drivers updated tactics and safety skills.

Intersection incidents and rollovers are the leading causes of emergency vehicle crashes for ambulances and fire trucks. The VFIS EVDT course combines case studies focused on recent events with psychomotor activities to enhance the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movements — helping instructors and participants understand the real-world scenarios where they may use this training.

“Driving an emergency vehicle is the most frequent and potentially most serious risk for first responders,” said Ryan Pietzsch, Director of Training. “VFIS strives to meet the challenges faced by emergency service drivers by identifying new technologies, methods and best practices to help manage risk with our inclusive training programs.” 

Since its inception in 1980, the VFIS EVDT program has been the gold standard in emergency vehicle driver preparedness, training and qualification. It has been distributed by the U.S. Fire Administration, adopted or recognized by most state training facilities in the country and has an increasing demand and presence with the international community.  Over the years, VFIS has trained tens of thousands of instructors, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel.

For more information, visit VFIS.com.

VFIS emergency vehicle driver training program

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