Tri-State Ambulance (WI) Implements Telemedicine in the Ambulance

The photo shows the front grill of an ambulance.
File photo

Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance (WI) is leading the trend in implementing telemedicine in an ambulance setting, WXOW-TV reports.

Dr. Chris Eberlein, an emergency medicine physician at Gundersen Health System, says that they are one of the first in the country to offer the new advancement.


The new equipment lets doctors look at patients in the ambulance through a camera and allows face-to-face communication before the patient arrives at the hospital. The physician can control the camera to look around the ambulance.

“We are always looking to innovate and use technology to improve patient care and using telemedicine in a mobile unit, like an ambulance, is the next evolution of this process,” said Eberlein.

The service has one ambulance already running with the camera system in place thanks to grant funding. The rest of the vehicles will be equipped by the end of the year.

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