Safety A.S.A.P. MCI Features

The personnel who designed the Baldwin EMS ambulance not only incorporated significant safety components, they built in multiple features that make the vehicle highly functional during major incidents. Whether used as a command post or”ž”ž support vehicle, the Baldwin EMS ambulance will make a major contribution at an MCI.

  • The transverse compartment allows crews”žto carry enough long boards and other immobilization devices to package and move multiple patients.”ž
  • The dedicated exterior compartment”žhouses MCI kits, vests, extra medical”žequipment, barrier tape and traffic cones.
  • Driver- and passenger-side compartments provide easy access to PPE, WMD equipment and multiple portable lights.
  • The LCD display in the patient compartment allows incident commanders to have an unobstructed view of the scene when the vehicle is properly staged.
  • The headset system in the cab and patient compartment enables incident managers to clearly communicate via noise-canceling microphones and headset speakers.”ž”ž

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