R-O-M Corporation Emergency Vehicle Cargo Trays

I know a number of former EMTs and paramedics who had their “last straw” back injury while stooping to remove equipment from an ambulance compartment. InstallingÃœEmergency Vehicle Cargo TraysÃœfromÃœR-O-M Corporation may have prevented these injuries. These cargo trays allow personnel to slide the equipment out from the compartment and use better lifting techniques. The trays have a handle along their entire widthÛwhich provides single-handed accessÛand heavy-duty, v-groove sealed bearings ensure smooth operation. The Cargo Tray requires minimal maintenance: Simply keep the track clean and lubricated, and youÃŒll have life-of-the-truck performance. Available for installation on new vehicles or to retrofit your current fleet, the tray can be side mounted to a customer-provided track or floor mounted to a compartment.Ãœ

Material: Aluminum
Capacity: 250Ã’1,000 lbs.
Options: 100% pull out, 70% pull out, 90% tilt
Cost: Call for pricing

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