New Deliveries: Fuel-Efficiency from Road Rescue

Transmedic, the newest addition to Road RescueàŒs line of custom ambulances, offers fuel savings of up to 20%, while offering capabilities that allow EMS providers to better serve the needs of obese, disabled and pediatric patients. Ambulance services can purchase special equipment, such as a bariatric cot, an incubator and a wheelchair, and store it until itàŒs needed. When the vehicle is deployed, it can be quickly outfitted with the appropriate equipment.àœ

The Transmedic is a Type II ambulance built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, a versatile platform that was voted “Van of the Year” in 2007 byàœProfessional Van and Light Truck Magazine. It features exceptional headroom and a 4″ false floor with a ramp stored within. This eliminates the need for a cumbersome and expensive electronic lift.àœ

Additional improvements include a semi-automatic loader for oxygen bottles and Multispec-coated cabinetry, which is moreàœenvironmentally friendly than traditional laminates. For more information, go toàœ


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