Medtec Delivers 10 Type I Ambulances to City of New Orleans

GOSHEN, Ind. — Medtec Ambulance Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announces the delivery of 10 Medtec Type I Field Duty custom ambulances to the city of New Orleans Emergency Medical Service (EMS). An additional five ambulances will be delivered later this fall in this first year of a 10-year contract.

“The city of New Orleans is plagued with challenging road conditions that have the potential to damage vehicle chassis when responding to emergency calls for help. We needed ambulances with an urban duty design that would provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for our patients as they are treated in the Golden Hour, that critical time before we arrive at an emergency facility,” said Carl Flores, Deputy Director, City of New Orleans EMS. “New Orleans attracts millions of visitors — and our department responds to nearly fifty thousand calls for service each year — so having the right equipment for the job is critically important. We worked closely with Medtec and its dealer, Lone Star Emergency Vehicles, to custom design a safe, comfortable and fully functional ambulance to meet our needs.”

“This major order from the City of New Orleans demonstrates our ability to engineer a truly unique and custom ambulance that can handle the most demanding situations,” said Tony Ellis, Medtec Ambulance Corporation vice president and general manager. “These super-duty ambulances are built to handle the demands of the city’s rugged streets, while providing a comfortable and productive work environment for paramedics and EMTs. We’re proud to play a role in helping the City and its EMS department provide a higher level of service to the citizens and visitors of New Orleans.”

The new Medtec ambulances will be posted strategically throughout the city for around the clock operation — always poised to respond to emergency calls more quickly. The units are built on heavy duty F-450 chassis. They have been designed with additional interior room that feature custom designed personal gear lockers for EMTs that are located inside the extended cab. The patient module is 150-inches long and offers 68-inches of interior headroom. A state-of-the-art, rear-air-ride suspension system provides a more comfortable and controlled ride for both patients and caregivers on the rugged streets of New Orleans.

The high-performance, ducted HVAC system is integrated with an ultraviolet Quad-Metal purification unit to assist in the mitigation of airborne and blood-borne pathogens. The ambulances include a floor vapor barrier, auto deploying side entry step, stainless steel door and latch construction, lighted interior cabinetry, interior and exterior LED lights, angled cabinetry and generous overhead storage capacity. In addition, the attendant’s seat is uniquely engineered as a complete seating and restraint system that can also accommodate infants or pediatrics.

As the sole 9-1-1 EMS provider for the city, New Orleans EMS offers a state-of-the-art pre-hospital care with progressive regional protocols to the citizens of Orleans Parish. The City is roughly 350 square miles, 170 of which are water. New Orleans EMS is comprised of just over 100 full time employees, including two Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians, over 60 paramedics and 45 EMT-basics. New Orleans EMS operates approximately 9 -10 advanced life support units at peak response hours.

New Orleans is leasing these new Medtec ambulances through Oshkosh Capital as part of a 10-year agreement. After three years, the city can either purchase, remount or turn-in the units.

Lone Star Emergency Vehicles of Midlothian, Tex. is the Medtec dealer for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, and provides comprehensive sales, service and support.

About Medtec Ambulance Corporation
Medtec Ambulance Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation company, is a leading North American manufacturer of custom ambulance vehicles. Medtec offers a full product line of Type I, II, III and Additional Duty ambulances custom-built to customer specifications and backed by a strong network of dealers. For more information, visit

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