Lighthouse Uniform Company 1st Ever EMS “˜Dressed for Success’ Team Competition Comes to an End

Lighthouse Uniform Company announces the 2010 1st Ever EMS “˜Dressed for Success’ Team Competition is officially over.

Many thanks to competition sponsors NEMSMA and Skip Kirkwood, NAEMT and Pam Lane, American Ambulance Association and Maria Bianchi, and A.J. Heightman and a very special thank you to Custom Display Designs for the beautiful, suitable for hanging display cases that showcased each “˜Winner Certificate’.

Leading vote getters include MONOC Emergency Medical Services (NJ), American Medical Response — Colorado Springs, Bay Shore — Brightwaters Rescue Ambulance (NY) and New Orleans EMS. To find out and see the rest of the winning entries go to

Next year’ competition figures to be even better. Plan to get involved. It’s fun, free, good for your organization’s Esprit des Corps and potentially worth a year of “˜bragging rights.

About Lighthouse Uniform Company
In business since 1955, the Lighthouse Uniform Company manufactures a high quality, wool blend dress uniform for the Fire Service, EMS, Federation of Fire Chaplains, Knights Templars, Merchant Marine and Yacht Clubs. Visit us at

The Lighthouse is the home of the Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform Program, Fallen EMT Dress Uniform Program, “˜With All Due Respect’ LODD Resource Program, 1st Ever “˜Dressed for Success’ Team Competition and the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap Program. Lighthouse Uniform Company. 1532 15th Ave West. Seattle, WA 98119

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