Intoxicated Wisconsin Man Attempts to Steal Ambulance, Drive Self to Hospital

MADISON, Wis. — Police say a Madison man who called for emergency help Wednesday after smoking marijuana and taking allergy medication tried to drive himself to the hospital — in a stolen ambulance.

According to a Madison Police news release, Michael C. Gilson, 26, called the ambulance to his West Gorham Street apartment about 6 p.m. for a possible drug overdose. Paramedics arrived but couldn’t find Gilson. The emergency workers returned to the parking lot in back of the building to find Gilson behind the wheel of the ambulance trying to drive off, but the ambulance got stuck in the snow.

An officer who arrived to arrest Gilson noted that his eyes were red and his speech slurred, the release said, adding that Gilson explained that he had been smoking dope and had taken a lot of allergy medicine and felt he needed medical attention.

Gilson was arrested on tentative charges of driving a stolen vehicle, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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