American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Firstar™ to Its Lineup

The Firstar Modular 146” model.
Photo/American Emergency Vehicles

American Emergency Vehicles (AEV®), part of the REV Group® (NYSE: REVG) and manufacturer of Type I, II, III and Medium-Duty ambulances, expands its extensive portfolio of vehicles to include the Firstar Modular 146” model, which is available on Type I and Type III chassis platforms. The Firstar concept model debuted in 2019 at the American Ambulance Association Annual Conference & Trade Show (AAA), which was then refined based on customer feedback.

“AEV is excited to bring the Firstar Modular 146” to market as a complement to our comprehensive lineup of emergency vehicles,” said Randy Hanson, President of AEV.  “Packed with features, the Firstar models represent excellent value for the money.”

AEV Firstar Modular 146”

The AEV Firstar is truly revolutionary in its design fabrication and materials. Modern and durable gel-coated fiberglass is used throughout for the cabinetry, including basewall cabinet work areas, and the squad bench. Radius edges and seamless cabinetry is not only easier to clean and disinfect between patients, but the smooth edges reduce the risk of emergency responder injuries during collisions or sudden braking. The all-aluminum vehicle body features a fully welded tubular super structure with aluminum exterior skin, which exceeds the federal standards for ambulance safety.

Designed from the cab to the rear with customer feedback in mind, special attention is given to create a comfortable crew environment. The front console has been ergonomically designed, and in the Type III cab, the forward body wall has been recessed a full 10 inches for increased recline and movement. The action area provides ample space to securely mount defibrillator/monitors while still providing workspace for patient care and easy access to vehicle controls.

A welcomed new feature is an integrated “action tray” that runs alongside the patient at cot height and is within arm’s reach for the attendant. The ambulance also boasts a high output air-conditioning system with dedicated multi-directional vents for attendant and patient comfort. And for ease of taking patients in and out of the back of the ambulance, the Firstar units have large rear doors with an extra tall 60” clearance.

Additional features in the AEV Firstar units include the Per4Max seat belt system, which is standard in every AEV ambulance and allows flexibility of movement, while keeping the emergency responder restrained. For maximum storage, there are four large exterior compartments, three of which are diamond plate lined. For service convenience, the ambulance’s electrical system features individually printed circuit boards with integrated diagnostics.  The rear step bumper provides an underride feature to reduce damage to the rear for those minor bumps.

AEV’s Firstar models are available now to order from AEV dealers across the country.  Please visit for more information.

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