Alabama’s Cullman EMS Gets “˜Carter Kits’

Alabama's Cullman EMS now has a new tool to help children on the autistic spectrum. (Photo/Carter Kits Facebook)

CULLMAN, Ala. — Cullman EMS has a new tool in its bag to help autistic children. Actually, it’s what’s inside the bag that really matters.

They’re called “Carter Kits” and it’s named after 5-year-old Carter Severs from Saginaw, Michigan. Inside the kit is a weighted blanket, sunglasses, noise-canceling headphones and toys. The kits are in a duffel bag that’s easy to store and move.

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It’s a simple, yet effective addition, Cullman EMS Director James Curtis says.

“Children with spectrum disorders or sensory disorders, it can be very challenging for them in an environment when you have police fire and ems,” Curtis told the local ABC affiliate. “They get into a bit of an overload situation. Anything that we can do to help keep them calm so we can take care of them better and better address the situation it’s just going to be a win for everybody.”

Cullman EMS is the first agency in Alabama to get the kits. Each bag costs about $60.

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