Woman Who Said She Was ‘Karate Kid’ Climbs Out of Ambulance

SPARTANBURG — A woman who tried to bite a deputy during her arrest on Sunday said she had used methamphetamine and huffed gasoline earlier in the day.

Tracey McSwain Smith, 40, of 898 McSwain Road, Chesnee, was charged with third-degree assault and battery, resisting arrest with assault and malicious injury to property, according to online jail records.

An incident report states that deputies were called to the area of Clifton Glendale Road and Goldmine Road, and spoke to a relative of Smith’s. The woman said Smith hadn’t been acting right for three days and that she needed medical help.

Smith walked toward deputies with a pill in her hand, asking what it was because she needed pain medication. She then told one of the deputies to “shut up” because the deputy was “on her time.”

When asked her name, Smith held up her arms and one leg and said she was the “Karate Kid,” the report states. She then turned around and slapped the other deputy across her face, breaking her sunglasses, according to the report.

Deputies moved to grab Smith, and Smith hit and kicked at them, and tried to bite one of them on the arm, the report states. One of the deputies told Smith to stop resisting or she would use her Taser. The deputy stunned Smith twice with the Taser before she was handcuffed, the report states.

After her arrest, Smith tried to climb out of an ambulance and continued to yell in the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center emergency room, the report states. She told deputies in the ER that she had used meth twice that day and huffed gasoline, according to the report.

Smith remained at the Spartanburg County Detention Facility on Monday on a $10,000 bond.

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