Oh Deer! Wisconsin Ambulance Service Apologies after Dead Deer is Given Ride in Back

Above photo: Clintonville Area Ambulance Service Facebook

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. – Clintonville Area Ambulance Service is apologizing after a picture of a dead deer strapped inside an ambulance went viral on Facebook.

The statement from the group read: We are aware of actions of one of our crews on 11/16/19. Be aware these actions are not allowed or tolerated by the service, these actions did not jeopardize 911 service. We swiftly and appropriately dealt with the crew when made aware on the same date.

Measures have been taken to thoroughly disinfect the ambulance and all equipment. We also note no patient was in contact with the rig or any equipment until it was thoroughly cleaned.

The service takes pride in its level of service and professional image in the community. We understand it will take time to rebuild that image and trust. We have always appreciated the support we receive and continue to from those we serve.

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