Texas Rapper Debuts PSA Song for National EMS Week

In honor of National EMS Week, local Austin rapper and recording artist DOVESOUTH will debut his new song “Keep it Safe in Our City” dedicated to the men and women of EMS and public safety who risk their lives to save others.
DOVESOUTH is one of the pioneers of The Austin Music scene.  A well known local artist around the city, he has been writing music and performing for the last 27 years.  He attended Fulmore Junior High and Johnston High School and performed in black history programs, talent shows and house parties.  He was often invited to perform at city wide talent shows, various rap concerts and even opened for other local major artists.

He considers his style of music to be different; when he writes he tries to reach everybody and everything he writes always has message behind it.  “Keep It Safe In Our City” is a true testament to the passion DOVESOUTH has for music and the love he has for the City of Austin.

“My journey in music has been good and very inspiring to me. No matter which direction life took me I never stopped writing” he says.   DOVESOUTH released a CD in 1998 called “THE RULES OF THE GAME.”  To this very day people still request copies of that CD.

When he’s not writing music or performing live, DOVESOUTH helps keep Austin safe too.  He is a non-uniformed employee of Austin-Travis County EMS.

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