Special Pinnacle Award Named for Joseph P. Ornato, MD

Joseph P. Ornato, MD, the EMS medical director for the Richmond Ambulance Authority and preeminent clinician, resuscitation innovator and researcher at the Medical College of Virgina was honored at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Conference keynote session today by the introduction of the Joseph P. Ornato Pinnacle Clinical Leadership in EMS Award, “named forever hence in honor of Joseph P. Ornato, MD.”

Dr Ornato, the undisputed leader in EMS and ED use of coordinated team resuscitation practices such as induced hypothermia, uninterrupted, continuous-compression CPR, careful airway management (avoiding RSI in severe respiratory distress cases because of its respiratory depression effects and resultant cardiac arrest ramifications), the use of ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) in the ED, and rapid cath lab delivery/intervention, recently orchestrated his own resuscitation after being a victim of a pulmonary embolus.

He called his wife Mimi, also a physician, and told her to activate EMS to respond to their home where he was in near-collapse, had her remotely/electronically open their locked front door, and had the Medical College of Virginia ED have ECMO and induced hypothermia resuscitation teams ready for his resuscitation when EMS transported him there.

Ornato survived with no neurological deficits as a result of his own amazing innovations and approaches to EMS resuscitation.

Hear Dr. Ornato’s amazing and personal resuscitation story in a very special JEMS/EMS Today Conference in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 25-27, 2016. Go to www.emstoday.com to register and recieve a significant early registration discount.

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