Raw Video: NY EMS Officer Tangles with Press

A WNBC Cameraman was attacked by a Suffolk County EMS officer at a haz-mat scene in Bohemia, New York. The cameraman was filming the aftermath of a chemical spill inside a commercial building that unleashed fumes. The accidental mixing of chemicals sickened 54 workers at a cellphone refurbishing plant in Bohemia.

The cameraman did not cross any police lines and was within his rights to film. The EMS person is yelling at the cameraman that he will have him arrested and is trying to rip the camera out of the cameraman’s hands. The camera was damaged during the confrontation. Suffolk police can be seen in the video and took no action against the EMS officer who attacked the cameraman. Police escorted the cameraman down the block and erected police lines to keep the media back.

Firegeezer: Another Suffolk County NY responder needs media training

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