Prosecutor: No Charges in Fatal Ambulance Crash That Killed 2 Paramedics

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A motorist who drove through an intersection and crashed into an ambulance, killing two Indianapolis medics, won’t face criminal charges in that fatal crash.

JEMS Indianapolis Ambulance Crash Coverage

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said Thursday in a statement that several factors figured in his decision not to charge 21-year-old Jade Hammer in the Feb. 16 crash.

He says Hammer’s blood-alcohol level was found to be .038, below Indiana’s 0.08 legal limit for driving, and tests found no evidence of other substances in her blood.

Curry also says that while Hammer did fail to stop her car for a flashing red light at the intersection where the crash occurred, that traffic violation “does not rise to the level of criminal recklessness.”

The crash killed 22-year-old Cody Medley of Indianapolis and 24-year-old Tim McCormick of Greenwood.

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