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The photo shows the inside of an ambulance.

Seven Halawa (HI) Inmates Transported to ER Due to Illness; COVID-19 not Suspected

EMS treated and transported seven sick male patients to various emergency rooms around Honolulu in stable and serious conditions.
A pharmacy technician loads a syringe with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine at the Portland Expo in Portland, Maine.

FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Widespread Pfizer Booster Shots

An influential federal advisory panel has soundly rejected a plan to offer Pfizer booster shots against COVID-19 to most Americans.
A MedStar ambulance waits outside the ambulance bay.

MedStar Board of Directors Elects Officers

At the September 8, 2021 meeting of the Metropolitan Area EMS Authority (MedStar) Board of Directors, three board members were elected to officer positions.
The photo shows a parked Arkon, Ohio, ambulance.

Telehealth Program Lets Akron (OH) EMS Bring ER Physicians to Homes Virtually

A new program from the Akron Fire Department is bringing new meaning to the phrase "the doctor will see you now."
The photo shows a Star of Life painted on a yellow ambulance.

Decatur Morgan Hospital Gets Preliminary Nod on Ambulance Certificate

The Ambulance Regulatory Board recommended approval of the hospital's application for a certificate of public necessity and convenience.
The photo shows the front of a red ambulance with the word "ambulance" reversed.

Cleveland County (NC) Needs EMTs, Dispatchers

Cleveland County EMS hosted a job fair to attract what they hope will be the next generation of health care professionals.
A closeup of a beam scale in New York.

Study: Childhood Obesity in U.S. Accelerated during Pandemic

A new study ties the COVID-19 pandemic to an “alarming” increase in obesity in U.S. children and teenagers.
Alameda County firefighters rescue groom, groomsmen trapped in elevator

CA Firefighters Rescue Groom, Seven Groomsmen Trapped in Elevator

The Alameda County Fire Department rescued a groom and his seven groomsmen from a jammed elevator in an Emeryville hotel.
The photo shows the front of an ambulance with its emergency lights on.

TX EMT Killed, Another Hurt after Ambulance Collides with Truck

An EMT was killed and another EMT was seriously hurt when their ambulance collided with an 18-wheeler Wednesday in Frio County, Texas.
In this Sept. 10, 2021 file photo an emergency department sign is photographed at Kootenai Health, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

ID Rations Healthcare as COVID Surge Drags On

Idaho public health leaders on Thursday expanded health care rationing statewide amid a massive increase in the number of coronavirus patients requiring hospitalization.