$20,000 Signing Bonus, $25 Per Hour Pay Not Enough to Attract Single Applicant

Photo/Cumberland Goodwill Twitter

Cumberland Goodwill EMS (PA) hang up a help wanted sign, but no one answered.

Assistant Chief Nathan Harig tells ABC 27 they’re seeing a shortage of paramedics and are trying to hire a paramedic for an open position. One problem: not one person applied despite the agency offering a $20,000 signing bonus and $25 per hour pay.

“We’re doing everything we can to try to motivate people to come on in but it’s just not working,” Harig told the station.


Harig said state lawmakers can step up to help.

“Support providers going out and getting more education, which means more funding from the government,” Harig said. “It means passing bills that allow us to get reimbursed for services instead of allowing an insurance company [getting] to decide where the money goes. It means being able to recognize that your EMS workers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are saving you during COVID-19 so you really need to make sure you’re funding them with hazard pay.”

Cumberland Goodwill EMS is just one of just six nationally accredited services in Pennsylvania.

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