NMCC Unveils New Ambulance to Students for Realistic EMT Experience

Northern Maine Community College (NMCC) paramedic and emergency medical technician (EMT) students will now receive a more realistic training experience after the college acquired a new $240,000 training ambulance on June 30. 

Using the ambulance in conjunction with the health simulation center NMCC inaugurated in 2018, the EMS department’s 27 students will experience what it is like to respond to an emergency call, place somebody inside an ambulance on a stretcher, and provide care while the ambulance drives.

Students will simulate performing emergency medical services on mannequins inside the state-of-the-art vehicle. NMCC President Tim Crowley said the vehicle would be the only in-service ambulance in the Maine community college system specifically dedicated to training.

EMS personnel provide vital services for an aging community such as Aroostook County. The community-led creation of the Central Aroostook Ambulance Service was desperately needed after Northern Light Medical Transport pulled out of providing those communities with EMS. That need has only increased with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The ambulance was purchased from vehicle dealer Autotronics, which has offices in Frenchville and Bangor. The vehicle’s drive-in from Frenchville onto campus on June 30 was witnessed by Crowley, EMS department chair Andrew Gagnon, and other faculty members. 

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