Newberry Township (PA) Fire Department to Discontinue EMS

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Etters, PA – Newberry Township Fire Department & EMS will be discontinuing its emergency medical services on Sept. 30, 2021.

The non-profit organization has provided EMS services to residents of Newberry Township for 66 years out of its facility on York Haven Rd.

The organization responded to 1,285 calls to the community in 2020 and has received a 28% increase in calls in 2021. The non-profit currently gets a substantial amount of funding for its EMS services from Newberry Township.

The non-profit was notified approximately 30 days ago that the Township would be putting a proposal out for Emergency Medical Services for Newberry Township.

“As we could submit a Proposal for this service we are not able to meet their requirements,” the department said. “In addition to an increase in calls and an inability to attract new employees in a time in which there is a nationwide staffing shortage, this notification has resulted in the organization’s heart-wrenching decision to discontinue its EMS services.”

“Like many organizations this year, we are struggling to obtain workers. This combined with the changes that Newberry Township is making has resulted in us being forced to shut our doors,” said Fire Chief Gary Hatterer. “Our hard-working EMS employees typically work 2-3 jobs to be able to provide for their families. The closing of our EMS operations will allow them to focus their professional efforts in other areas.”

Newberry Township Fire Department & EMS will continue to serve their community by providing fire services out of their current location.

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