NEMSMA Releases National EMS Officer Competencies

NEMSMA is a professional association of EMS leaders dedicated to the discovery, development, and promotion of excellence in leadership and management in EMS systems, regardless of EMS system model, organizational structure or agency affiliation. The NEMSMA EMS Officer Competencies committee developed a document to help EMS officers raise the bar as leaders and as a profession. At the Pinnacle Leadership Conference, NEMSMA announced the release of the “Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies”, a document now available for free to EMS providers at www. for download. 

EMS service delivery models differ across the country, with a wide variety of staffing models. The competencies were developed for the entire EMS community regardless of volunteer, career or combined staffing models, a rural or urban system or private company, government based or not-for-profit organization. 

The competencies describe three different levels of leadership: the Supervising EMS Officer, the Managing EMS Officer and the Executive EMS Officer. The competencies were divided into seven individual pillars. Each pillar outlines, defines and provides examples of what builds an exceptional leader. 

The competencies can be used three ways.
1. For the aspiring leader who is looking to advance their EMS leadership career.
2. Help current EMS officers set expectations in their current roles and set advancement pathways.
3. Allow administrators to set mutual expectations, benchmarks and skillsets. 

The document is available at where you can enter your information in order to have a copy of the document sent directly to your e-mail. 

NEMSMA President, Troy Hagen, and Board Member and Committee Chair, Ryan Greenberg, will be presenting an overview of the EMS Officer Competencies at EMS World EXPO on November 12th. We look forward to the ongoing dialogue.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the EMS Officer Competencies please feel free to visit the website or contact the Chairman of the NEMSMA Competencies Committee, Ryan Greenberg at

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